Dantedi Brisbane

You are invited to a very special event to celebrate Dante Alighieri. This is our Brisbane contribution to the national seminar series “Dante under the Southern Cross” being presented by the Dante Alighieri Society committees around Australia during 2021, to mark 700 years since the poet’s death.

We have an exceptional panel of speakers who will reflect on Dante’s work from various Australian perspectives: 

Samuel Wagan Watson, poet of Munanjali, Birri Gubba, German and Irish descent, will present a poem which takes inspiration from Dante’s Purgatorio to reflect on the contemporary world (speaking via Zoom).

Dr Drina Oldroyd will discuss Dante’s reception among the various students she has introduced to the Divina Commedia in university, U3A and Dante Society courses, and the work of three Australian translators of the sommo poeta.

Dr Chris Mooney-Singh, in a talk titled “Heavens and Hells, Western and Eastern: An allegorical look at Dante’s La Divina Commedia and Harold Stewart’s Autumn Landscape Roll”, will consider the impact of Dante’s work as an architectonic blueprint for Stewart’s ‘Buddhist Divine Comedy’ (speaking via Zoom).

For more details on the speakers and their topics, please see https://danteaustralia.org/. Attending via Zoom is free, but if you do so, please consider making a small donation to the Dante to show your support for the event. The bank account details are:

    Dante Alighieri Society Inc.
    BSB 064-000
    Account No 902803

Calendar of events

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Monday, 12 July

Start of School Term 3

Italian language classes resume in the week commencing Monday, 12 July.

Saturday, 24 July

Dante 700th anniversary

A Diversity of Australian Voices at the Dante Alighieri Cultural Centre, 26 Gray St, New Farm from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Bookings essential. See the top of this page for details.

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