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School of Italian

The Dante Alighieri Society is a non-profit organisation strongly supported by voluntary work to achieve a common purpose:

“the Diffusion of Italian Language and Culture”

The school has a unique atmosphere where students are looked after as fellow members of the Society and it genuinely shares its students’ purpose. To this end we offer not only language courses but also cultural courses.

Circoli di lettura: (depending on demand)

  • Book club 
  • Circolo gastronomico 
  • Conversazioni 
  • Cineforum

The Brisbane Dante has often been the first school of Italian to trial new courses. In order to maintain its leading position, the school continually reviews its methods. Students of the school develop the ability to communicate in Italian effectively within topics and resources that are recent, authentic, connected with real life in Italy and therefore interesting and relevant. Our objective is to involve you in a program where language learning is enjoyable, methods are innovative, programs carefully devised, teachers well prepared and attention is focused on the needs and interests of those wishing to learn.

Would you like to learn Italian? This is how we can help you.

Through a variety of activities our teachers will help you to develop the ability to communicate effectively, that is, to understand and also to be understood. You will be able to develop good pronunciation, stress and intonation. Work will be extended to include the reading of authentic texts and some practice in writing. The Society, the school and its teachers will guide and assist you in your endeavours.

Not able to attend your regular class?

We understand that flexibility is important in our busy lives, if you cannot come to the usual lesson just attend a class any other day when that level is offered.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A number of scholarships, covering tuition fees, are awarded each year to students of the Dante Alighieri Society. Application criteria will be discussed on request. Applications are to reach the school by 9 January 2021.

GIOCHIMPARA: For children between 4 and 12 years of age – Language learning with games and enjoyable activities (Afternoons and Saturday mornings, depending on demand).